Past Webinars

East/Central Support and Development - June 2022

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with marketing, yet it is important to regularly market our practices.  We also want to network with other divorce professionals.  This month the top... Read More

Money Habitudes and Divorce with Syble Solomon

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ADFP 2021 Virtual Retreat

Complicated Nuances of Grey Divorce: The Perfect Storm?
Gray divorce is what many boomers face. Among U.S. adults over age 50, the divorce rate has more than doubled since 1994. Contrar... Read More

IACP 22nd Annual Networking and Educational Forum

"Lighting the Way Together"Read More

Covid-19 Relief Bill: FAFSA Changes Coming Soon to a Student Near You…

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  Presenter: Sandy Voit

Date: September 22nd at 1:00 EST

Program Description: The FAFSA Simplification Act, incorporated int... Read More

Flexible Financing for Business Separations in Divorce

Presented by: Ben Ostrow, Apsara Partners
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  Flexible Financing for Business Separations in Divorce

Presenter: Ben... Read More

Alternative Investments & Divorce

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Crypto Assets for Divorce Financial Professionals

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  Program Description: Every day, Bitcoin and digital assets seem to become more and more mainstream for both businesses and investors. O... Read More

Just Roll With It – Recognizing and Responding to Resistance

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Presenter: Dr. Deborah Gilman

Program Description: Resistance to change comes up in our work often. As clients discover they must... Read More

Boomer Divorce Challenges: Home Equity Solutions

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  Program Description: This 60 minute program will arm the advisor with a range of strategies designed to restore equitable housing to both sides o... Read More